Amaze Balls! Ten amazing bliss ball recipes

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AMAZEBALLS!! 10 amazing bliss ball recipes


Amazing bliss balls!

Aptly named, as these little balls of flavour are very blissful.

They are fantastic as a healthy alternative to lollies for kids (and big kids).

Bliss balls are great to pop in lunch boxes or to have after dinner if you have a sweet craving.

Just remember that most bliss balls do contain a lot of dried fruit and nuts so are a concentrated form of nutrients.

Try to restrain yourself to one or two.

I put mine in the freezer so I am not tempted, although they do taste good frozen!

Okay, so here are my pick of the best bliss balls around:



 These are my Choc-Hazel Bliss Balls (they taste a bit like Ferrero Rocher!)

Lime and Goji Bliss Ball

 Lime and Goji Bliss Ball from Simone at Nourishing Hub.


Mesquite Raw Truffle Ball by Sarah at The Raw Food Mum


Bliss Balls from Iwa at Additive Free Bites.


 Magic Maca Balls from Rebecca Mugridge

These balls are a fantastic way to get your ‘mojo’ back in the bedroom!


Fig and Macadamia Balls from Collette at Cut out the Crap


Apple and Cinnamon Bliss Balls from Brenda at Brenda Janschek Health and Lifestyle.


Raw Cookie Dough Balls from foods-kool girls on the Naughty Naturopath Mum blog.


Chia Coconut Bites from Jodi at Hot Pink Chilli


Strawberry Ripe Balls from Jane at Marinya Cottage Kitchen.

Do you have an awesome bliss balls recipe? Please link up with us!












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  1. 5-22-2013

    Thanks so much Sonia for featuring my magic balls! Teehee 😀 😀
    What a gorgeous array and I like your freezer tip!!
    Bek XXX
    Author Rebecca Mugridge recently posted…Winter Warmer SoupMy Profile

    • 5-22-2013

      thanks for the magic maca balls Bek – they will be sparking up love lives all over Oz!

  2. 5-22-2013

    Love it!! Thanks for the link-up. FYI I ALWAYS freeze my bliss balls – they are SO good frozen 😉
    Lou recently posted…Sugar alternatives and a warm pumpkin slice (Natvia review)My Profile

    • 5-22-2013

      thanks for adding your yummy balls – frozen is also good in case you forget they are in the fridge (yeah right) 😉

  3. 5-22-2013

    Love it! Here’s my contribution:
    I have also been experimenting with a date, cacao, coconut oil and dried blueberry combo which has been awesome…the more superfoods the better, right?
    Jules recently posted…got 5 minutes? try this super healthy snackMy Profile

    • 5-22-2013

      thanks Jules! I love dried blueberry – have you found some without additives?

  4. 5-22-2013

    OOh yummy – some fresh balls to try :O
    They all look delish – what to try first?
    Kirri White recently posted…This one is for the hatersMy Profile

    • 5-22-2013

      fresh balls indeed – I can’t decide either – I do like choccy but the raw lemon ones are making my tastebuds drool

  5. 5-22-2013

    thanks a lot for sharing these……..

    • 5-22-2013

      it’s a pleasure Sapna!

  6. 5-22-2013

    You can run but you can’t hide from the frozen bliss ball! Thanks for the link up. x
    Brenda Janschek recently posted…Can a Life’s Calling Be Easy?My Profile

    • 5-22-2013

      they call my name late at night from the freezer!!! 😉

  7. 5-22-2013

    Oooo la la! You had me at Ferrero Rocher! I’ll be giving each and every one of these a go.

    Sophie xo
    Modern Day Mummying recently posted…What My Naturopath Told Me…My Profile

    • 5-22-2013

      report back with your thoughts Sophie!

  8. 5-22-2013

    I just uploaded a recipe myself! Will have to try some of these and check out some of these great blogs.

    Lots of hemp seeds and some mojo maca powder in my Powerballs.

    • 5-22-2013

      Yum Robyn – I just bought hemp seeds the other day but haven’t used them yet, so I will try them out in your recipe. Thanks for linking up with us.

  9. 5-22-2013

    Nom nom nom nom! Totally love the title! You also had me at Ferrero…
    Alisha recently posted…More Manifesting and a Bit of Showing Off Really…My Profile

    • 5-22-2013

      seriously – they do taste like ferrero!! :)

  10. 5-22-2013

    You’re a genius! These all look great – will definitely be trying out a few.
    wendyblume recently posted…The world’s easiest side dish?My Profile

    • 5-22-2013

      let me know what you think – do you have a recipe?

  11. 5-22-2013

    These look absolutely marvellous :)

    • 5-22-2013

      my fave thing to eat (well one of them)

  12. 5-22-2013

    Oh wow, I want to try all of these…yum!!! Thank you for sharing. These are our nut free raw date truffles

    • 5-22-2013

      yum!! thanks for sharing – love your website :)

  13. 5-22-2013

    What a scrummy round up. Thank you!
    And here’s some of ours x
    Date and Orange ~ …and…
    Some of our family’s healthy snack recipes~
    Aleta @ Hinterland Mama recently posted…Night time drawing: part of our evening rhythm to calm and wind down before bedMy Profile

    • 5-22-2013

      thanks for sharing Aleta!

  14. 5-22-2013

    Thankyou all for your contribution..we are doing a 30day challenge at work,this may encourage them to make it a lifestyle change for good!

    • 5-22-2013

      yes!! healthy food is also yummy!

  15. 5-22-2013

    There can never be enough bliss balls!
    Kristin recently posted…How we buy our food and baking the ‘good’ muffins…My Profile

    • 5-23-2013

      my children would agree with you!

  16. 5-22-2013

    there are always bliss balls in our fridge! can’t wait to try some of these new recipes!

    • 5-23-2013

      report back Lisa and let me know how you go :)

  17. 5-23-2013

    Thanks for the tip about putting them in the fridge! Last time I made these I scarfed them in 2 days because they are just too tempting. I think I’ll be making a couple of batches this weekend…

    • 5-24-2013

      yes they are tempting !!! let me know which ones you make Alison :)

  18. 5-27-2013

    Amazeballs indeed! I love anything that is round and resembles chocolate… I’m going to work my way through this list. Here is a recipe from the The Gawler Foundation for almond and fruit truffles, which are so easy to make that I always feel like I’ve missed a step and am pleasantly surprised that they still taste fab:

    Thanks Sonia, great post!
    Jo (down to earth mother) recently posted…Should you shop at the supermarket?My Profile

    • 5-27-2013

      Thanks for sharing Jo – will check them out!

  19. 5-28-2013

    Thank you so much for all these recipes. I had been looking everywhere for protein ball recipes, similar to what I found in one of the Boost Juice shops down in Melbourne. Now I am in Bliss Ball heaven! Can’t wait to try these. Thanks again :)

    • 5-28-2013

      yay Deb! If you want protein, be sure to add chia seeds and I also like inca inchi powder from Changing Habits for protein. :)

  20. 7-26-2013
    • 11-6-2013

      thanks for sharing Angela :)

  21. 11-6-2013

    Hi, the link for the raw lemon bliss balls is broken? So much wanted that one <3!

    • 11-6-2013

      sorry Rachael, she is no longer blogging :(

  22. 7-24-2014

    So many tasty recipes! I will have to try a couple. I just made a batch of my Brownie Balls which are delicious!

  23. 10-21-2014

    Ooh these look awesome so many to try! These are my current favorite that I’m making at the moment are these ones:
    Karen recently posted…Almond Joy Protein BarMy Profile

  24. 6-9-2015

    I love bliss balls, some great inspiration on this page thanks! I have some on my blog too, under ‘guilt-free treats’ :)

    • 6-9-2015

      Thanks for sharing Nicci! :)

  25. 1-26-2016

    I stumbled across your website and I am sure grateful! I just let Mr 4 year old pick out a bliss balls to make an he choose the lime and Goji berry, I was a bit sceptical about the amount of coconut oil but they are so delicious!! Oh and he loves them (Big thumbs up as this kid doesn’t want to eat anything lately) Looking forward to making the other recipes you have posted. Thank you

    • 1-28-2016

      Oh that’s awesome! I will let Simone know – it’s her recipe!! :)


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