Fun and Healthy Christmas Food for Kids (and Big Kids!)

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I have been collecting some cute Christmas ideas from around the net for weeks now. Seriously clever ideas!

I find that if kids have something a bit fun and special to eat, even though it’s healthy, they are not so worried about eating junk. Would you agree?


Frosty the SnowmanFrosty the Snowman from Creative Food. Use cheese, carrot, cucumber, capsicum and peppercorns! Too easy and fun for the kids to do.


ce49f8647bc2fbb385d0b0647ee09b4cFrosty Cheese Ball from Babble. My top tip is to use the cream cheese that is not super low-fat. Take a look at the ingredients list and you will see the ones with more fat have no artificial additives and fillers.



Snowmen on a Stick from Family Fun. My tips are to make sure you put some lemon juice on the banana to stop them going brown and use currants instead of choc chips!


securedownload-20Frosty crackers from Pinterest. Use wholegrain or brown rice crackers and cream cheese, carrots, capsicum and olives or blueberries!

DSCN6965 Christmas Bauble Crackers from the clever Ebony at Neat to Eat. Check out her new cookbook – so many clever ideas!


484181_388076761275681_1735456418_nSanta Hat Pizzas from Family Fresh Meals. Super cute and easy to make.


534037_457602377636816_598794459_nBanana and strawberries candy cane from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons. Doesn’t get much easier or healthier than this!


santa-hat-browniesSanta Hat Brownies from Cooking Panda. My top tips would be to use your favourite healthy brownie recipe like this one from Quirky Cooking. Use whipped coconut cream or fresh organic whipped cream (with no additives or fillers).


funky_reindeerRudolph Sandwich from Funky Lunch.  Use a healthy bread, cheese, black grapes or olives, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. You can even download the template here.


SnowmanWatermelon Snowman from What About Watermelon. Okay, a little more work required, but how stunning!


IMG_3277-santa-300x225Santa Pancakes from Glitter Mommies. Use a healthy pancake recipe like this one (without the spinach!). Use whipped coconut cream or organic cream, bananas, blueberries and strawberries or raspberries.


kids_pancakesElegant Christmas Tree pancakes from 5 Dollar Dinners.  So yummy – use a healthy pancake recipe, fresh strawberries or raspberries and starfruit (or carambola).


86201780338156298_NgRHQonN_cRudolph Pancakes from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons. Use a healthy pancake recipe, whipped coconut cream or organic cream, raspberries, blueberries and organic, free range bacon!


244179611018102704_Gmj3Q2Z3_cStrawberry Santas from What’s Cookin. I would use cream cheese for these, so they hold their shape. Add a little honey or maple syrup. These have mini choc chip eyes, but you could use blueberries.

I am definitely making some of these ideas for Christmas – particularly the pancakes for Christmas brekky!

What about you? Will you make any of them? Have you got any other ideas or links for fun Christmas food?

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  1. 12-15-2012

    Gorgeous!! Some great ideas. Kids are definitely more receptive when it is fun as well as tasty.

  2. 12-15-2012

    Awesome post! I love these ideas!

  3. 12-15-2012

    So cute!

  4. 12-16-2012

    I was just about to go looking for some ideas for dinner with my niece and nephew and my kids for Thursday – Now i dont have to – ta ! xx

  5. 11-11-2013

    Sounds like some great ideas, but I’m having trouble seeing the pictures?

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